Great technicians are crucial for every equipment dealer, and as the frontline of your service department, they need to be connected — even when they're in areas without Internet or phone service.

With NAXT you can schedule service routes and send information to your technicians on the field. NAXT allows technicians to complete virtually their entire day without connectivity and sync their mobile devices with servers when back online.

Bring your dealerships efficiencies to new heights. Using the XAPT mobile solution for equipment dealers, available for Windows, Android and IOS platforms.

Bring your dealerships efficiencies to new heights using NAXT Mobile Solution

    • Rapidly and efficiently view all prospects and customers assigned to you
    • Sort prospects and customers by location to quickly ascertain who is nearby
    • Create new prospects and new opportunities on the fly
    • Update prospects and customers
    • View all customer activity:
      • Whole goods sales
      • Equipment rental activity
      • Power Systems activity
      • Product Support activity
    • Update equipment location
    • Update equipment hourmeter
    • View available and committed rental equipment
    • Complete a rental inspection
    • Ship rental equipment
    • Receive rental equipment
    • View rental history
    • Ability to work in a disconnected environment. Download the days’ activities, complete your work. When you are back in range (either cellular or wi-fi) your phone will sync these activities in the background:
      • Clock in/clock out of individual segments
      • Update hourmeter readings
      • Enter notes
      • Review equipment or component warranty status
      • Obtain customer signature
      • Take and attach photographs to a segment
      • Complete an inspection using a checklist
      • Complete a service report
      • Automatically notify your manager when a segment is completed
    • Create additional segments to generate upsell activities
      • Utilizing an inspection, find additional repairs and sell them on the spot
    • Record measurements, pressures, speeds in real time
    • Photograph, video and share phenomenal issues with technical support
    • Order parts
    • Create purchase orders for miscellaneous materials charged and priced directly to the segment

Allow technicians to complete their entire day virtually, even in an environment with no connectivity.

Use NAXT to track timesheets, order parts, and even plan routes via integrated GPS data. Schedule repairs with, send service reports, and receive signatures before syncing online with the cloud.